Holiday Gift Guide 2008 – Christmas gifts for your mother in law

This gift is possibly the trickiest of all. To your mother, you can give anything, she will be happy, from frilly underwear to a noodle necklace. To your mother in law, however… Well, I wouldn’t give frilly underoos. Although mine would probably appreciate as she is quite the stylish lady.

I think what you’ll need here is something carefully picked, not too intimate, but personal enough to show you care.

Here’s what I picked

Under £25

Lush has beautiful little gift boxes every year, all arranged by price as well. I picked My Fair Lady, it is filled with delicious smelling soap, lotion & other goodies.
Under £50

An Art Deco brooch found on Etsy. Period jewellery is a great way to show you care, pick her favourite era, and start the research!

Big Spender

Stylish but neutral, those Phillip Lim 3.1 Jeweled Leather gloves from Net à Porter are a perfect gift for your mother in law. They will add a fashionable touch to her outfits without being over the top, and they go with any style. Leather gloves in general are always a good option.

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