The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Amy asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball:
” I once cried outside Absolute Vintage (I know) because I, like quite a lot of ladies out there I know, have size 8.5 (42-43) feet and none of the teeny tiny shoes fit me. Also, a lot of high street shops stop at size 8. Can you give me any tips on where to find stylish, larger footwear?”


I often see size 9 shoes in Office in really nice vintage & edgy styles. Below you will find two of my favourites.

Offiee – Dame Darcy / Abbey Bow

Topshop also has a nice selection up to size 9 (42) and here are my favourites

Topshop: Maple Leaf / Kameryn

If you want really vintage shoes, you definitely will have to look at men’s shoes, as very few women were tall with size 8 or 9 feet in the past. I am a size 7 and often have trouble finding vintage shoes myself. If you do find women’s vintage shoes in a size 8, you could always try and have a chat with your local shoe repair man, as he might be able to think of a clever way to make them half a size bigger by stretching them slightly.

For high street shoes, my advice is to shop online, as most shops get very few styles in bigger sizes, whereas it is often well stocked online.

You could also try designer sample sales or looking for prototypes from runway shows on eBay as you probably share the shoe size of many tall models!

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