Mademoiselle Robot loves… Le Club Du Style

A bit of shameless worshipping of family members never hurt anyone, so with no more ramblings on my part, I give to you today an interview with Le Club du Style aka Jeanne-Aurore Colleuille – author/illustrator/journalist extraordinaire.

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

I guess you could call it preppy minimalist. That means a lot of navy, black and white, clean shapes and quite a lot of men inspired pieces. I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that whenever I’ve tried to be trendy, or girly, or anything ending with a « y », it has eventually ended in tears. So now I stick to the « less is more » motto and just get along with it.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

I’m very fond of children’s books author/illustrator Maurice Sendak. I’ve been obsessed with «Where The Wild Things Are» ever since I was able to read- it’s such a non-conformist book and one of the most beautiful too. He’s one of those people you feel never thought in terms of career or success but in terms of doing what he felt like doing and not giving a damn about the rest. I find this kind of gusto very inspiring and I think he’s in part responsible for making me interested in visual arts and writing at a very young age. And I like that he’s past 80 and still drawing, creating and rubbing elbows with younger people.

As far as fashion is concerned, I did my style education in the 90’s and this has stuck with me. I have a stack of issues of Harper’s Bazaar circa 1995/96 that I still draw a lot of inspiration from.

Also, there is this lady that I keep crossing paths with in my neighborhood and who has become a sort of icon for me. I don’t know her name, I’m not sure how old she is (past 65 that’s for sure) but I do know that she embodies everything I like. Last time I saw her, she was riding her bike with her little dog in the front basket, wearing black cropped slacks, a tangerine polo neck sweater and her signature cropped white hair and bright red lipstick. Her silhouette has a sort of minimalistic joyfulness to it, and every time I see her I have this feeling of «I want to be like her when I grown up».

❤ Which of your creations are you the most proud of and why?

I’m usually so worried about what I’m going to do next that I have a hard time being happy with what I’ve already accomplished. But I’m very proud that I’m doing exactly what I said I would do as a grown-up when I was 10: writing. I still can’t believe that people are actually paying me to come up with pretty words and ideas. Also, seeing my first book in print was pretty thrilling- and I’m very happy that it’s a book that promotes a responsible idea of fashion, i.e. buying a few quality items, instead of filling your closets with disposable clothings and learning to recycle them in many different ways.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

I’m very happy to see the comeback of the preppy look, with exciting new labels such as Boy by Band Of Outsiders doing a modern version on the Ivy League / Cape Cod / «Love Story» silhouette. I would love for the whole sports gear apparel worn outside of the gym to go away- but unfortunately, I don’t think this season will see the end of leggings worn as pants or of the huge ugly sneakers.

❤ What’s the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

I was in Stockholm recently and I have to say that those Swedes are very sharp dressers. But Paris still remains my favorite place to check out elegant old ladies- such a good source of style inspiration.

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

The Sartorialist, like everybody else. Also not very original, but I’m badly addicted to YouTube– especially the Flight of The Conchords and Demetri Martin’s stuff there.
I like the lovely online notebook of interior designer Jane Cumberbatch, very calming and refreshing.
For inspiration, I also check out theses:
Elisabeth Dunker’s delicious images at Fine Little Day.
The vintage finds of Andy Beach at Reference Library.
The minimalistic outifts on Le Vestiaire de Clé.
Hollister Hovey’s blog.
2 or 3 Things I know.
I also hightly recommend Shorpy, a marvellous blog with vintage images- truly inspiring.

❤ What would you wear on a date?

Something I’ve owned for a long time and feel at ease in, like my vintage Agnès b. Lolita blazer or my old leather jacket. My glasses, obviously, because how else will I see if the guy is cute- plus, I’ve often noticed that the glasses things is very much appreciated by the gentlemen. Also a must, pretty but comfortable shoes, because the best part of the date, at least a good date, is that moment when you’re getting walked home by someone you like (and wondering «Is my breath okay after that thai curry ?»).