The Mademoiselle Robot ball answers!

Vicky asked the Mademoiselle Robot ball:
“I have been thinking for a while about an idea for a niche fashion blog. I have severe scoliosis that’s very visible, and over the years I’ve become something of an expert on dressing more unusual curves than most! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog dedicated to styling “deformities”, for want of a better word.
What do you think? Is there a place for it in the world of fashion blogs, and do you have any pointers you could give me?”


I am pretty sure there is a place for such a blog. The fashion blogosphère is ever expanding, but I am yet to see a good blog about styling unusual body types. There are probably thousands of girls out there like you who are fed up with camouflage dressing and want to be more stylish. I’d say if you have found pretty ways to accomodate your “curves” as you call them, share them with the world!
There are some good articles on the internet about this, maybe if you have a read, it will give you some inspiration to start your Fashion Blog. Or at least ideas where to start… and a proof that many people are waiting for this.

Clothing for Scoliosis – Well Woman
Clothes to hide Scoliosis – eHow
Self perception of female adolescents with Scoliosis – Sage Journals

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