What I am wearing / To an opening

Last week was the opening of Anna Kyriacou’s show in London. She is friend’s with my “sister in law” and does lovely illustrations. We decided to make it a family outing as it started quite early, but unfortunately, when we arrived in front of the gallery, it was already packed and Mila had fallen asleep in the car, so we drove off…
… to get nomtastic burritos to take away and go hide under the duvet to watch some cheesy TV shows. A great Friday evening!

Jacket – thrifted
Tee-shirt – American Apparel
Skirt & bag – Primark
Tights – Tabio
Shoes – New Look
Necklace – Paraphernalia

I think I love nothing more than dressing up for nothing. I get to do all the efforts and pick an outfit without having to socialize with people!