Mademoiselle Robot loves… Caitlin Shearer

Sometimes I dream I live in a doll house, surrounded by strange creatures. Sometimes I stumble upon people who seem to live in my dreams. Caitlin Shearer is one of them. Her drawings never fail to transport me into another dimension.

❤ How would you describe your personal style?
Shirley Temple meets Anne Frank.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?
I take a lot of inspiration from the people i know and social situations. nervousness and awkwardness fuel a lot of my work. i think its easier to speak through my work than speak with my mouth.
I admire Sofia Coppola and Charles Anastase, and also younger artists like Helani Laisk and Kris Atomic. Vivienne Westwood is also at the top of my list.

❤ Which of your designs / accomplishments are you the most proud of and why?
I recently just finished a painting called “Anais”, and i am quite proud of her. Sometimes your brain just turns a corner and everything turns out perfectly. She was one of those times.

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?
I’m hoping that fifties inspired dresses come in and that lenseless glasses go away.

❤ What’s the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?
I’ve only been in Sydney, so i really wouldn’t know. I guess the whole world has its own little pockets of decadence.

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?
flickr, etsy, livejournal. I’ve been checking out some lovely fashion blogs, like susie bubble, too.

❤ What would you wear on a date?
Oh! A lot of lipstick and black patent leather high heeled shoes with a black dress that has puffy sleeves and a puffy skirt.