Becoming… Winona Ryder by Le Club du Style

If you haven’t already visited Le Club du Style, then you should definitely go now. NOW I SAID!!! Firstly because it is written by my beautiful sister, and also because it is full of very interesting articles about fashion, movies and life, man. Also, being always the thoughtful person this lovely sister of mine takes time to translate all her posts from French to English, unlike me (go on, hit me).
xxx Mademoiselle Robot

I’ve always loved Winona Ryder. My fascination is partly due to petty jealousy (if only I could have her lovely glowing skin! and look so cute with short hair! and have the same perfectly pouty pout!) but also to the fact that I think she’s pretty damn talented, see this for proof:

Also, she’s the perfect embodiement of that grungy/minimalistic
90’s decade, which I had great pleasure to take part in and whose fashion still inspires me to this day… and apparentely inspires a lot of designers today (see the much talked about return of black which has recently taken the runways by storm).

How to recreate the Winona Look:

❤ boyfriend t-shirt + tousled darkest dark bob

❤ poor boy sweater

❤ black crew neck sweater + emo mood + grungy pageboy cut

❤ white peacoat, à la Audrey Hepburn

❤ and a bit of fuck you attitude

(obtained by wearing the ironic t-shirt issued at the time of her shoplifiting scandal)