Mademoiselle Robot loves… all of you!

Being in the countryside provides me with infinite inspiration. Brace yourselves for a lot of changes around here come September! Even more guests, more clothes… And a special Boy section too, because I don’t want to leave the boys feeling too lonely (last time I helped a boy not to feel lonely, look where it got me).

Also a big thank you to all the new subscribers & for all the nice comments and e-mails I have received recently. It is lovely to know so many of you appreciate this blog, I don’t say it enough!
I feel the love from everywhere and it is great. Sorry if I am not replying very quickly to everyone, I promise it will come… once I am back in London.
I will also be posting out the gifts from the “Bathing Beauties” contest at the end of August.

Don’t worry, though, I am not spending my time thinking about blogging, I also enjoy the poolside, I even made a few cat and kittens friends in the hamlet.

xxx Mademoiselle Robot

Un grand merci a tout le monde pour les commentaires et emails charmants que j’ai recu ces dernieres semaines. Promis, je reponds a tout le monde quand je rentre de vacances. Merci pour la pluie d’amour!