Romance in the dark

At almost 30, I am still totally mystified by the mixed signals some people send. Especially men. Recently, I found out via a friend that men, even older ones still use cryptic texts. Yes, yes, you read correctly, cryptic texts, just like 13 year old girls. Is it so hard to tell the truth about feelings?

It seems that we carry the burden of adolescence and untold crushes way too far in life. We don’t need go betweens anymore. Rejection isn’t going to kill us. Someone isn’t going to like us less if we don’t like the same music. Now cut the crap and stop lying.

As adults, shouldn’t we be able to stop all the silly games and go straight to the point? Stop asking ourselves so many questions and just go for it? Wouldn’t it be simple…

Friendship could be friendship.
Courtship could be courtship.
Feelings could be out in the open.
We’d all just stop pretending.

Would it be so terrible not to spend most our lives trying to read between the lines?
From now on, let’s just say it like it is and see what happens.

I predict simplicity and happiness.

I am so over the mating game.
Thank god I don’t have to play it.