Barry Antoinette

I am not an avid horoscope reader, but sometimes I will check it anyway. Being a bit confuzzled this week, I checked it today and almost fell off my chair.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): In an astro-environment where Venus, Mars and Jupiter are conspiring to drive many of us toward over-the-top attitudes and approaches, you are hardly immune from the tendency to make things bigger (rather than, say, to downplay or underemphasize). You, my fair Sagittarius, may indeed be one of the week’s principal button-pushers… and plenty of other folks, once you’ve pushed their buttons, won’t be shy in pushing yours right back. Whether we’re talking about love or war, goofy late-night partying or deadly-serious processing discussion, any situation bears the strong potential to accelerate from lukewarm to nuclear in a mere matter of seconds. The specifics will vary, based upon what’s going on in your own life right now. But the theme remains the same: Expect things to intensify. I’m not interested in goading you to not push buttons… or, for that matter, to push lots of ’em with extra gusto. That’s all up to you. All I can tell you is to be sure you know what you’re getting into, while staying ready for the scene to spin on a dime. Oh, yeah, and remember this, too—Whatever happens can’t be taken back.

What I have to say to this?