Sleeping and dreaming

Today I finally got around to go see the Sleeping and Dreaming exhibition at the Wellcome collection. Despite living 10 minutes away from there, I had actually never entered the building. As I said before, possibly because I am a massive loser and am too busy watching TV shows all day in my denial bubble.
The exhibition is very good and diverse, even Mila enjoyed it. I was a bit disappointed with the dreaming part as it was way smaller than the sleeping bit, but I suppose it is only fair as dreams are so hard to document. There were a few experiments on dreams related in the show that I would be quite eager to try, especially one where someone plays an accelerated recording of a story, that would normally be unintelligible, but that the subjects are actually able to recreate in their dreams and draw accurate pictures of upon waking up.
Mila was her usual good baby self and looked at half the exhibition and slept through the other half.

Please note how good looking the guy who has the world record for the longest period without sleep is.