Greed or the story of the amazon wish list

I just made a growing amazon wishlist. Since I moved to England, I resisted buying books and cds and dvds because I always thought “what if… i went back to Paris, I would have to carry it all back, what a hassle”. Now, I don’t think I am going back very soon, and there are so many books i want!
And films.
It will take at least 25 birthdays and christmas and MOTHER’S DAYS to get through it all.

    Mine is quite big too, i’ts ok though, IT’S A FUN ACTIVITY! xxx

  • Mademoiselle K

    c clair moi je pense rentrer a paris en septembre prochain et j’en suis deja a 2 demenagements et j’ai seulement ramene la moitite des affaires…