Snaps + Rye, London

Snaps + Rye, London

93 Golborne Road
W10 5NL
020 8964 3004
[email protected]

I don’t know if you will remember this – as it is actually quite irrelevant to your life – but I used to live in leafy Bloomsbury for the first 5 years of this blog. My life revolved around the very core of London, which unfortunately is pretty over-ridden with large chains when it comes to restaurants. My solace used to be found in Lamb’s Conduit Street, which was home to a few independent eateries, including old school Italian joint Ciao Bella.

Then I moved to Notting Hill –  which is basically the land of indie eateries – and proceeded to eat my way through my new neighbourhood. There is always some new place to discover and in the past couple years, a few cool spots have opened on my doorstep (some of them quite literally). And while I am forever faithful to my local, the Electric Diner, I like to stray regularly…


Golbourne Road is one of my favourite streets in the area because it has a little more edge than Portobello and Kensington Park Road, it feels a little cooler. It is also where London’s only Danish restaurant Snaps + Rye landed a few months ago. I first started going there for brunch at the weekend when I was bored of the usual London offering of eggs royale and avocado toast (HOW DARE I?), then I deliveroo-d their fare in the heart of the Winter when lunch was needed but leaving the house was out of the question. Finally, I went to try out their dinner menu on a bright evening in March.

Dinner at Snaps+Rye is an elusive creature: served only Thursday to Saturday evenings, with a different menu each week for £35. All the food served at the restaurant is prepared in-house, using fresh, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. And this all happens in what is essentially a cute local joint, frequented mostly by neighbours – and if you go enough times, everybody will know your name and you will feel right at home. I know I do!

If you are in London, craving something differently delicious, somewhere unpretentious and warm to sit down and fill your stomach, Snaps + Rye is most definitely the place!

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Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of Snaps + Rye (and also eats there on a regular basis anyway)