Travelling Solo With Bethany Toews


Happy Saturday! I can’t believe another week has just gone by… At the moment my life is very much filled with a growing number of people, which is exhilarating at times, but quite difficult to manage for me, as I am very much a lone wolf. I enjoy being alone a lot, I really crave solitude. As you can imagine, alone time is a luxury when you are a parent… So add to this a rather sociable work life and a social life on top of it, you will quickly understand how I am having issues managing! This situation made me think about the recent trips I took and how I mostly travel on my own, which means that to me travelling now equals peace and time for introspection. However, the way I travel alone is not very relatable, I think because it happens mostly for work and it is a different kind of solitude, where I am surrounded with strangers and eventually alone in my hotel room, ready to think about stuff… This is why today, I invited Bethany Toews to join me in discussing what it is really like to travel solo. Bethany is a writer, a singer, an actress, a model, and also one of the kindest ladies I know. I guess you could say she is a wandering artist, no matter how obnoxious this actually sounds – the truth is, she’s been on the road around Europe for the past 4 months all by herself, writing and taking photos along the way. 

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