Asket: Perfect Essentials


It happened, it finally happened; I have found the perfect sweatshirt. Years ago I decided that finding the perfect grey sweatshirt was going to be my ‘thing‘. For me a simple grey sweat is the Holy Grail of wardrobe essentials. Friends have come to know me as an expert in the field of sweatshirts and I’m often asked about the quality of this brand or the cut of another. There have been several contenders for this title, everyone from Uniqlo to Acne was in the running but the real winner is a brand called Asket.Asket hail from Sweden, their brand ethos is refreshingly simple: they don’t offer seasonal products instead they focus all their expertise into perfecting the essential items that are the building blocks of every man’s wardrobe. These items are made to the best quality and also come as close to bespoke fit as you’ll get, at a totally reasonable price. In the years that I have worked in menswear I’ve seen a number of brands offer a similar service but no-one has ever really got it right. Sometimes the sizing was overcomplicated or sometimes it would be the style of the garment that let them down. Asket have kept it so simple and so pure that there are no such errors.

Their essentials include t-shirts, sweatshirts and launching next week; button down oxford shirts. They come in standard sizes but also 3 different lengths which in combination offers 15 different size options. Get it right and you’ll quite literally have a perfect wardrobe essential. You can thank me later.



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Asket: Perfect Essentials