Jeni’s Splendid Ice-Cream, Los Angeles


Whenever I tell people I don’t really like ice-cream, they look at me like I am the spawn of Satan. In a way, they are right and I may well be a beast straight out of Hell, but for other reasons. I think not liking ice-cream is a totally valid lifestyle choice: when it is really hot (aka ice-cream weather), it only makes me thirstier and when it is cold, I get brain freeze. Basically, ice-cream is trying to kill me.

Yet, last time I was in Los Angeles (in July – way too long ago), I was drawn to a fairly new ice-cream parlour in my favourite neighbourhood of Los Feliz: Jeni’s Ice-Creams. Jeni’s is actually a chain, boasting 8 “Scoop Shops” across the USA, from Nashville to Columbus.

Jeni’s only uses the best products and is free from any synthetic flavouring, dyes or mixes. They offer a long list of interesting flavours such as Wildberry Lavender, Candied Ginger or Churro alongside more traditional ones like Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean or Salty Caramel.

If you don’t live near a Jeni’s Scoop Shop, you can order online – a pint of delicious ice-cream will set you back $12. They deliver all over the USA!

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