Late Night Pack



This week’s post is pretty straightforward so I’ll get right down to business. Grab your calendar, flick to the 27th of January and write “Best Day Ever” in big letters. On this date Vans are launching their Late Night Pack, a capsule collection of iconic Vans styles from slip-ons to Sk8-Hi in fabrics emblazoned with everyone’s favourite fast foods.

My two greatest passions: food and shoes, together at last. Burgers, tacos, donuts and even macarons make up some of the prints. My pick is obviously the pizza slip-ons. There is nothing I won’t wear if you put a pizza on it, I’m not even joking. They look so good they’ve probably got calories in them. I should say kudos to Vans for creating what I think will be the first and last time I ever describe a shoe collection as looking “mouthwateringly good“.

Vans_LateNightPack_Authentic_Taco Vans_LateNightPack_1 Vans_LateNightPack_Toddlers Vans_LateNightPack_ClassicSlipOn_PizzaVans_LateNightPack_Authentic_Cupcakes Vans_LateNightPack_Sk8HiReissue_BurgerCheckVans_LateNightPack_Authentic_Macaroons