Her Style – Elizabeth Sankey


Photography – Laetitia Wajnapel
Model – Elizabeth Sankey

When I try to remember how I properly met Elizabeth, I fall into the old chicken and egg trap and I can’t remember if I liked the woman or the music first. Our paths have crossed multiple times before, at house parties in Camberwell, through dates with the same boys years apart and finally through mutual appreciation of each other’s work. And then here we are, getting soaked taking photos in the street sometime near the end of 2015, double date chip & dipping like there’s no tomorrow and embracing this new(-ish)found friendship.

Elizabeth wrote about it more eloquently than I ever could on her own site, but meeting new friends at our age is pretty rare. I am lucky enough to have a small but solid group of friends dotted around the world, and being a bit of a lone wolf, I am very picky about who I hang out with on the regular. Always quality over quantity when it comes to friendships, I am definitely not someone who can sustain lots of acquaintances as I have no patience for small talk and superficial bonds. I invest myself in all my relationships and I find it hard to have casual friendships. My friendship with Elizabeth really blossomed last year as we learned more about each other and shared many great moments. Her and her husband Jeremy gave Mini the best birthday present ever when they invited her to watch their soundcheck at Village Underground. They also taught us great board games, cooked us delicious meals and weren’t offended when they discovered my cooking skills were pretty much limited to what was available through Deliveroo.

All this to say: Elizabeth is a kick-ass lady, with crazy sharp writing skills, the voice of an angel and the beauty of a Botticcelli muse. Follow her, buy her albums and once you are done, have a look at the pics I took of her.


Her Style – Elizabeth Sankey

Elizabeth is wearing: Cropped Denim Jacket with Borg Lining, A-Line Mini Skirt in Check Print, Lace Insert 70s High Neck Top. All from ASOS and all in the sale right now!