My Home Office



2015 has been a really great year (with also some not-so-great moments) and I am hoping 2016 will be even better. I hope you are also at home now celebrating your achievements of the past year and getting ready to embrace the new one. If not, you should read this post by Loulou on her blog, about all the end of year exercises you can do to make sure you keep a positive spirit (on a side note, her legendary tarotscopes are now available for purchase in her shop too).I could have called this post “Hurray for change!“.

Earlier this week, I moved out of my little studio after 18 months of pure bliss there. It was my home away from home and a space that was all mine to decorate. Of course, it is sad to say goodbye to the hours spent chit-chatting with my friend Sanja in there and it was also difficult to leave what essentially was the first real Robot HQ, but with major life changes in the not so distant future, it was time for me to let it go and embrace change. I know I keep going on about this “major life change” and not saying much on here, some of you will know what I am talking about, the others will find out in due time. Not long now! I am a little superstitious and I am afraid making things public will just jinx it, so bear with me.

I am now back to square one, working from a little corner of my living-room, sweet reminder of the early days of my blog. It is funny how fast you get used to things being in a certain way. And in the spirit of the early days of the blog, I wanted to show you what my workspace looks like these days. Welcome home 🙂

When decorating my workspace, I like to bring together things that make me happy, inspired and remind me of all the wonderful places and faces I have encountered in the past. I am sure I am not alone in this and this is hardly a revolutionary idea, but it is definitely something that is worth mentioning. Most of my bits and bobs I have collected on my travels, or ordered as soon as I touched down in London! There are gifts from friends in there, dried lavender from my mum’s garden, my initials found serendipitously on the pavement while walking in my favourite L.A. street, objects from collaborations with brands and other essential knick-knacks. If you like the style, you will find a shoppable edit at the bottom of this post.





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