Three Steps To Flawless Pale Skin


Good news for all of you pale and interesting beauties out there – beloved beauty brand Garnier just produced a brand new shade of their classic BB Cream: “Extra-Light“. When they asked if we could work together on the launch, I of course jumped at the chance, as I am pretty much forever looking for the whitest shade of pale when it comes to foundations and BB creams.

My skin is both a blessing and a curse: in the Summer, it quickly warms up to a golden shade, however in Winter it tends to become whiter than white – think Casper the Friendly Ghost meets Wednesday Addams. I enjoy this skin tone double life, but at times finding the right foundation hue can be difficult. I also like very light products, I am 37 and I need a lightweight formula that lets my skin shine through as I find heavier coverage can make me look old(er).

Enter Garnier BB Extra-Light with its light and fluid texture and perfect shade of Victorian white. I started using it as soon as it landed at my studio and I freaking LOVE it. Seriously, guys, since this little beige fairy came into my life, I forgot all about my expensive foundations collection and they are left to gather dust on my shelves. The Garnier 5-in-1 BB Cream offers way more than a simple moisturiser: it hydrates, evens, covers, illuminates all while offering some UV protection.

Here are my three steps to flawless pale skin:


At the moment, I use Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream every morning. I use it in conjunction with a serum as I have dry skin. If your skin isn’t as dry, you could skin this step and apply your BB Cream directly as it is quite moisturising on its own.




I’ve tried many concealers as dark circles are a big problem of mine… What seems to work is the newest internet trick of slipping a bit of red lipstick underneath your favourite concealer… Just make sure you go a shade darker than your base to avoid “white circles”. Blend well.


Apply the BB Cream all over the face and ears (very important to get a unified tone), making sure you blend well. Try it for a few days and let me know how you get on. As I said above, mine was a game changer!


Tell me why you love your pale skin using the hashtag #bbxlight on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win a @garnieruk beauty hamper!


This is a collaboration with Garnier