Christmas Party Denim


Christmas party season is upon us, which means an avalanche of sequins is about to swallow us all, set to an endless playlist of disco Christmas tunes. Christmas parties are great: it is that time of the year you can make a move on your office crush before blaming it on the eggnog and if you are lucky, you might win a day off during the company’s pub quiz (Monsieur Robot and I once did and it was awesome). There aren’t enough employees at Robot HQ to fill a Christmas marquee, so the festivities tend to be low-key and more or less revolve around my birthday. That’s the reality of being a December baby: birthday and Christmas all blend into one giant party.

Giant party also means giant wardrobe dilemma, which I generally solve with the help of some seriously versatile pieces. This year, I will rely on a bum-enhancing, leg-lengthening pair of skinny jeans and the great Elizabeth Suzann artist smock, combined with a variety of accessories and different make-up styles.

I totally know what you are going to say next: “Jeans to a Christmas party? Don’t you have something a little more fun to wear?” to this I answer “Yes, yes I do. Of course.”. I have many amazing dresses, frou-frou bits of fabric held together by the most delicate strands of silk, I have towering heels and slinky tops. But you know what’s not fun at all for me? Trying to find a taxi at 4am, freezing cold and pulling on my dress. I like jeans because they keep my legs warm AND make them look great at the same time. I also like jeans because I can sit on the floor anywhere, jump over fences and get into all sorts of trouble without a care in the world. And yes, I do jump over fences a lot. But this is a story for another day.

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