Finsk Studio Visit

Had I not been the über professional that I am, I could have called this post “OMG, Shoes“. Because: OMG, shoes. Not just any shoes either, architectural, out of this world gems from Finsk London, created by Finnish shoe designer Julia Lundsten in 2004. Her designs are definitely avant-garde – you just have to see the hovering shoes she creating for Iris Van Herpen’s SS16 show in Paris to understand – but they are also totally comfortable and wearable. I know, I know, you just saw the above image and you are wondering how these gravity defying wedges are comfortable, but just ask Lady Gaga and she will confirm it for you.Finsk is one of those labels that have developed a cult following amongst the fashion crowd and the most in-the-know celebrities (read: the ones with the best stylists). I remembered being introduced to the label a few years ago by my friend Alexandra who also happens to be good pals with Julia. I then kept stumbling upon Julia’s designs everywhere. A few years ago, I finally got to wear my first pair of Finsk shoes during Stockholm Fashion Week and it truly was a revelation, even for someone who rarely wears heels, I was able to walk, dance and hop in them all day.

Fast forward to 2015 and I am now the proud owner of a couple of pairs of Finsk shoes (some of the simpler models are now members of my extensive black ankle boots collection). If you would like your own, keep an eye out on the Finsk instagram as they are hosting a sample sale online, starting October 29th for a few days. There will also be a Finsk exhibition at the Finnish Institute November 12th – December 15th.

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