Nudie Jeans – Denim Done Right

As it’s denim month on the blog I’ve been talking a lot about denim as a trend. There have been some seismic changes in denim trends recently and never has there been more denim on the runway than there has been over the past few seasons. But fashion isn’t just about trends, it’s an industry like any other, and one which has come under a huge amount of scrutiny of lately due to many high street retailers outsourcing production to sweatshops in third world countries. I won’t go into any more detail than that; other than to say the provenance of any item of clothing you buy should clearly factor into whether or not you want to buy that item, over and above its price and style.

Fashion has a moral conscience that we’re all obliged to think about and there is no brand that has embraced this more than Nudie Jeans. Firstly there’s the Nudie Jeans Repair Shop, the original London branch is in Soho but they’ve recently opened a second branch on Redchurch Street, for all you East London denim lovers. The deal is that when your jeans begin to fall apart you can take them to the Repair Shop and they will use their expertise to repair them for free. It might sound like a flawed business model but Nudie Jeans are more concerned with reducing the waste created by people throwing out jeans that could be repaired than they are with fast fashion and making an easy buck. It’s a commendable and audacious brand ethos.

You can also track each garments history through the Nudie Jeans site as part of their transparency policy. Information is displayed on the website, when you click on the product you receive information about the production localities, where it was made, how many people who work in the factory as well as much more information that will allay ant fears you have. Can you say that about any other denim brand? Actually can you say that about any other brand at all?

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