My October Favourites – Jewellery Special

I haven’t even written anything and already I lied to you in the title: the pieces above aren’t my “October Favourites”,  these are bits I wear on a daily basis, pretty much all year round. However, a couple new additions to the family prompted me to write this. Any new relative, no matter how distant, needs to be properly introduced to you.
I have a funny relationship with jewellery – well not that funny really. I used to think I would never ever be into something other than costume jewellery, happily covering myself in an army of acrylic or plastic brooches, necklaces and rings everyday. That was overkill, I realise it now, but this is also how you learn about your own personal style, so never mind the plastic years. These days, I am partial to precious metals, diamonds and other shiny things. I don’t own any properly precious jewellery, but maybe one day, a girl can dream. Even my engagement ring, which has high sentimental value (obviously) doesn’t pack in the carats. And I love it even more for that reason. 
Although I left my plastic habits behind, I still wear quite a lot of jewellery on a day to day basis (I mean I wrote a whole book about it). Possibly because that’s the only thing that can somehow “elevate” my otherwise fairly simple outfits. Also, each piece reminds me of something and I like having them all around me. They are like my teddies. You see, as a child I had to have ALL my teddies in the bed before I could go to sleep. I see you all nodding, Sigmund style, but don’t worry, I shall stop the childhood stories here and concentrate on the precious instead.

“Team Robot” Necklace (made by me and coming soon in the blog store), Delfina Delettrez earring.
Daisy Knights “Lace Dimes”… Yes, I even wear jewellery on my shoes these days!
Photos taken with my Olympus Pen EP-5 with a 45mm lens. Mademoiselle Robot is a UK Ambassador for Olympus (but mainly just in love with her Pen)