Pastel Leopard Print

Pastel Dress Bordeaux Mademoiselle robot

I think after seeing these photos we will all agree that pastel leopard print is pretty much the same as wearing camouflage. Walk past any decent street art and you will blend in as easily as if you were wearing your Invisibility Cloak 3000. This dress was purchased with my Los Angeles life in mind, it was never intended to have a life in London and even less of a life in Southern France. Yet somehow it found its way in my suitcase as a suitably “dressed up” option for my short stay at the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux (more on this later). Here I am, ready to wander around Bordeaux on a Thursday morning. Two things about this dress: it isn’t great to sit in and it also isn’t great to cycle in. I did both and survived, but I did flash the whole of Bordeaux in the process. Let this be a warning to you, kids.

I am wearing: (), Balenciaga sandals (), Céline bag (via ), Zanzan Eyewear Erzulie sunnies

Pastel Dress Bordeaux Mademoiselle robot
All photos taken with the Olympus Pen EP-5 with 17mm 1.8 lens.