Beauty – August Favourites

I have been collecting beauty products for a few weeks but I haven’t actually posted anything about it here for a little while. Which makes me think I should probably get in the habit of writing a monthly round-up. So here you go, today I give you my beauty favourites for August. Let me know if you like this in the comment or on Twitter! I am forever trying out new products so it would be good to share my discoveries with you. Who knows, when I stop being lazy I may even make videos about them like I used to in ye olden days of this blog (you can have a look at my YouTube channel if you feel nosey).

First up is a new shampoo I am trying out. I must say I love my Hippy and the Holistics haircare triptych but during the Summer months, when I am constantly swimming and in need of a good hair wash most days to get rid of chlorine, I wanted something cheaper and also easier to find. This Pantene shampoo does just the trick on my dry, thick hair. 
In addition to my Pantene shampoo I am also using Kerastase Fondant Fluidealiste which leaves my hair extra silky. I use conditioner only most days and shampoo only once a week. So far it’s been a pretty efficient way to fight against pool and sun damage. Last year, my hair was so damaged after the holidays I had to go and get a keratin treatment which I don’t love, so I am working on preventative stuff this year.
I have also switched up my moisturising regime, using which is the best thing since sliced bread (if you could use sliced bread as a moisturiser, that is). It is hard to find so I usually stock up when I go the States, but this time I found it in a store on Chiltern Street which was quite handy. It is also stocked in Liberty. It is brilliant if your skin needs a lot of moisture as it has all the benefits of a body oil without the inconvenience (basically it is more of an oily cream, it is also all natural, yay for not feeding your skin too many chemicals). The only issue is that it leaves you quite slippery afterwards, but it does make for some rather comical situations. Next up is Tulare, by OLO fragrances, which I only recently discovered. Ss it is a scented oil, it won’t irritate your skin in the sun. There are several different fragrances, but I chose Tulare: fresh grass, oranges and a slight wooden accent. Takes a little time getting used to, but I now love it.
I don’t wear much make-up in the Summer, especially once I have a bit of a tan. I just want products to enhance my skin and show off that Summer glow. I use a little bit of with my moisturiser in the morning. As for powder, I replaced my usual powder with this . A little powder on the face,  touch of highlighter on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and chin and voilà! Little Summer tip for you: if you don’t do anything at all, try just filling in your brows, makes a huge difference.