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DIY – Silk Scarf Camera Strap

Olympus  Pen Camera Strap

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to dressing up my camera aka finding a nice looking strap, I generally hit a wall. I mean of course I have a couple of Sarah Frances Kuhn‘s designs and I love them, but sometimes I want something different. A few years ago, I tried making a camera strap for my Olympus Pen out of vintage silk scarves and it worked really well. I get a lot of compliments on my strap whenever I leave my cave AND it is also super practical. So I figured I would put together a little tutorial for you…
All you need for this is:

– two silk scarves (you may have some lying about, otherwise head to the bargain bin of your local vintage shop)
– a camera (I don’t recommend this to hold a heavy DSLR, but it is perfect for my super lightweight Olympus Pen)
– your legs
– hands

Step One
Prepare your scarves, they don’t need to be ironed, but you may want to give them a quick wash.
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap
Step Two
Fold your scarves into triangles
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap
Step Three
Roll them up…
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap
… until they both look like this
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap
Step Four
Tie them together at the top with a knot
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap

Olympus  Pen Camera Strap

Step Five
Stick one end firmly between your knees and start twisting. Twist each scarf onto itself in opposite directions.
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap
Once both your scarves are twisted, it is time for the next step!
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap
Step Six
Twist your scarves together into a giant twister! Make sure they don’t unroll themselves in the process.
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap
Step Seven
Tie a knot at the end and attach to your camera. DONE!
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap
If you don’t fancy putting this on your camera, you can also use it as a headband. Win-win.
Olympus  Pen Camera Strap


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