How I Wear – Sera Ulger For Malibu

As I am preparing this post (this is scheduled), I keep thinking of my upcoming trip to California, mentally packing my suitcase over and over again. I told you about my essentials for those bi-annual trips to LA, but I think I am going to have to add this Sera Ulger for Malibu feather print bikini. I must admit it is the first couture bikini I’ve ever tried on, let alone owned and so it feels pretty special.  This bikini is part of an exclusive capsule collection which features the limited edition feather print and includes four structured dresses, a bikini and a swimsuit. A ready to wear collection is also in the making, and it will be available from Malibu’s Facebook page.
Why am I telling you all this, and why am I mixing rum and bikinis? Believe it or not but it has nothing to do with the fact that as you read this I am probably drinking Malibu in Malibu, wearing the aforementioned bikini. No, I am telling you this because today marks the release of Malibu’s collaboration with Sera Ulger. This partnership is the latest example of Malibu’s continued support of up-and-coming British designers (previous collaborations include nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade and illustrator Nikki Farquharson).  The print developed by Ulger is inspired by happiness and summer, two of the main pillars of the Malibu brand. The designs are bold, colourful and playful. I love animal prints for Summer, and it seems Ulger does too:  “I’ve always loved Malibu and what it embodies, I wanted to create an impactful design which captures that feeling and stands out on shelf! The design is inspired by warm and sunny days, spent with friends enjoying cocktails.  Watercolour animals reoccur throughout my designs and the parrot feathers expressed the feeling of freedom that is associated with summer”.
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This is a collaboration with Malibu.