Letters From The Louniverse – March

Tarot Card Of The Month – The Three of Swords
In a total contrast to last month’s card, the turnover for March is one that often exudes a fearful shudder or a knowing sigh when pulled from the deck. Three swords jabbing through a heart, that can’t be good right? 
This card sits in between how we approach decision making and a need for a period of regeneration. The lesson we learn from this card is about how to handle disappointment. I believe that disappointment is one of the hardest feelings to really feel (and you know I love feeling feelings). When we feel broken hearted or hard done by, lonely or left out in the cold, it is so easy to dive straight into thoughts of unworthiness. Sometimes it seems easier to just play the blame game than enter the process of working through the struggle.
The guidance that this card brings is that you – all of you and us and them – are able to transcend pain, and that your pain is valid. Whatever happens in your experience has a rightful place, so take the power back by not choosing to blame the world or the Universe, even if that is exactly what you want to do. What if disappointment was there to create a catalyst for change that you didn’t even know you needed? A new attitude, a better sense of self-worth and a much needed shift in a different direction can all be outcomes of what we first deemed to be a let down. 
Be compassionate enough to yourself that you allow time and release, tears and tantrums. Then be the proud owner of your story, including the sad parts, and know they are a perfect piece of the jigsaw journey that is expanding your outlook and pushing you ahead.

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