My Winter Sun Edit With Beach Cafe

I am not sure how many of you have children but if you do, you will know this: half-term is approaching. I like to go away and leave London as much as I can during the year, and of course during school holidays I take Mini with me so we can have new adventures. This half-term, I will be going to Paris as family and work are calling me there, but my initial plans were to fly off somewhere sunny and warm where I could read by the pool / ocean and Mini could splash around / make sandcastles. I suppose as far as we are concerned the dolce vita will have to wait until our trip to California in April. 
But perhaps you are off somewhere exotic and gorgeous this February? If that’s the case, you should definitely have a look at my Winter Sun edit, in association with Beach Cafe, a lovely site that basically caters to all your beachwear / poolside chic needs. They stock some of my favourite swimwear brands (Seafolly is one of them, I swear by their bikinis) and I love the way swimwear is organised by silhouette on the site: whether like me you need something that will support your bust, or if you prefer to elongate your legs or flatten your tummy, you can search this way and find your dream bikini. My favourite part is that of course, since this is online shopping you don’t have to face your Winter self, all hairy and grey in the mirror of some neon lit changing room somewhere, where you try to fasten your bikini top with one hand while trying to keep the curtain shut with your other hand. I don’t know about you, but that drives me mad. 
Have a look at my selection above – all the details (prices & links) are below:

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