My Dreamworld Birthday Wishlist

Tomorrow, I officially turn 35. Back in October, I started thinking I should really plan ahead and have a party or something to celebrate this weird age that both means nothing and everything to me. Not sure why, but I see it as a turning point. And time went by, work piled up,  life happened and I realised yesterday it was much too late to plan something for my birthday. It got me wondering if I really did still care about celebrating my birthday. I never did like being the centre of attention, I still don’t. I don’t care much for event planning and party hosting. I thought perhaps I could demand a surprise party, but I am not sure I like surprises that much either. So easy to please. And then it dawned on me: this year, I will celebrate by having multiple dates with my closest friends and with my family. They are the real presents… 
I did however have time for some fantasy shopping, because I always have my finger on the pulse and I know how to focus on the really important things in life. So I compiled a birthday wish list, which in a dream world would be waiting for me under the tree – when you are born a week before Christmas, you tend to refer to “Christmas Trees” as “Birthday Trees”, GO SAGITTARIUS! I may often burst into “I want this” and “I want that” on my Twitter, but there aren’t actually that many things I want to the point of making the effort to physically own them. Most of the time, I am happy just owning them via a Pinterest board or a quick Instagram snapshot. Then there are the things that stick with me… All six of them are in the image above and in the links below.