Slap! Presents – November Sandwich

Hey guys! Today is a bit of a special day where I introduce a brand new feature – Slap! Presents – in association with hot Chef Spasia Dinkovski founder of Slap! Kitchen at Dalston Superstore. She will share a new delicious sandwich recipe each month, starting… NOW! 
Make sure you scroll down for a little interview with Spasia after the recipe.
Here is what you will need + one chill and some olive oil.
Cut a few thin squash slices
Place on a baking tray with salt, pepper and some olive oil. Oven pre-heated for 10mn at 200C

Cut your avocado and red onion
Mash the avocado and red onion together in a bowl
Boil the kale for 5mn in a pan while you fry the bacon.

Put everything in your sandwich and presto!

Meet… Spasia Dinkovski from Slap!
Your best addresses for food in London?

I’m not being biased because I live right above it but Voodoo Rays’ Full Moon Slice pizza that’s only available after midnight is the bomb. Japanese mayonnaise is worth me getting out of bed and going down in my slippers for. I’m waiting for the day that they put hollondaise as a base on their menu. 
How did you get started with SLAP!?

SLAP! is the lovechild of me and all my friends I left behind when I moved to London from New York. It started out as a pop-up, using nothing but one sandwich press in a friend of a friend’s bar in Brooklyn, slapping out sandwiches until 4am, or until we ran out. It also stemmed from various catering jobs where I would drag my helpers to, like video shoots in tiny apartments in The Lower East Side with pet parrots flying around me while I cooked. Luckily I didn’t have to stop any of it when I moved back to the UK as I landed in the bosom of Dalston Superstore that has nurtured my obsession with sandwiches. 
Your favourite sandwich?

Branston Pickle. Ham. Cheese. Crisps. 
Your favourite dish when you were a little girl?
I didn’t exactly grow up on English food (my family is from Macedonia) but my paternal grandad was obsessed with trying to fit in with British culture. Every Friday my grandparents would take me for the evening after school and make me chicken kievs and chips… That was the meal I looked forward to the most because every time Nan left the room my grandad would steal as much as he could off of my plate so it was basically a game to get as full as I could while she was still in the room. Seems really mean but I miss it! 
You are known for your awesome menu puns… Can you name this month’s sandwich?
I know you’re trying to coax a pun out of me, you know, like Don’t You Courgette About Me but I’m going to keep things simple and call this one “November” because every month I’ll be putting together a seasonal sandwich to honour the month we’re in and maybe I’ll even put together a sexy sandwich calendar at the end of it, who knows!
Finally, just to throw in a bit of fashion in this salad, what’s your favourite outfit at the moment?
I spend most of my life in the kitchen so I’m restricted to stretchy leggings and baggy tshirts (hot right?) so any time I dress in anything different people don’t recognise me because I’m transformed into a glamazon, except I’m not because I’m just dressed normally. I go through phases of wearing the same thing over and over and right now it’s a black chord pinafore dress that I can throw on top of any of my shirts. I really love a platform too. 

If you can’t be bothered to make that sandwich at home, you can head over to:

Dalston Superstore
117 Kingsland Road
London E8 2PB