The Week (Kinda) On Instagram – Summer Love Edition

I am cheating a little as this is maybe the past ten days on Instagram although I am not sure. The days are blending into one giant and amazing sweltering Summer daze. I love Summer so much. The past week/tendays took me from London to Gran Canaria and Paris, I met a few new animals and admired many palm trees.
I am trying this new “embeddable instagram” thing, let me know if you like it.

Traduction – Ma semaine sur Instagram. 

Paris love

This is how Brak copes with the heat.

I made some Los Angeles, ice cream inspired Ray Ban Remix sunnies

They are quite delicious, but we didn’t eat this one, instead we played with him and called him Gary *cue collective “eeew snail” outcry*

This guy was just chilling outside the supermarket in Littlehampton

I did a shoot involving some pretty casual props

I went to a swimwear show in Gran Canaria with Monsieur Robot…

… so obviously, stupid stuff happened (on a sail boat)

I tried out the new Huawei Ascend P6 which is pretty swish (review coming asap)