Noiselle Lookbook Shoot

When I first met Ellen, founder and designer of the Noiselle brand, we bonded over our common love of shoes and decided we had to somehow work on something together. The “something” quickly materialised as Ellen needed to put together a lookbook that was as beautiful as her shoes. She came over to London a few weeks ago and arrived at my flat with suitcases full of shoes (the dream). Because I am a bit of a mad collector of silly things, my house is filled with things that are useless 99% of the time, but absolutely brilliant on occasions like these – which is how I justify it to myself when I buy yet another trinket on my travels. 

We needed to shoot over 20 pairs of shoes, both Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter, so there was no messing about. I built three sets where the shoes would become centre pieces: SS13, AW13 and Bridal. Art Direction and styling are so much more fun for me than being photographed! Putting pretty things together just makes me happy. I thought I’d share this with you today so you get a better idea of the kind of work I do when I am not blogging (which is most of the time if we are honest).
Traduction – Voici quelques images prises lors du shooting du lookbook de la marque Noiselle dont j’étais la Directrice Artistique / Styliste. Juste pour vous montrer un peu ce que je fais quand je ne suis pas en train d’écrire des articles sur ce blog!

Little tricks to hold straps up… Also, as usual when we shoot anything at my house, Brak has to be involved somehow. 
A spot of flower arrangement. In the morning, I bought a big bunch of fresh hydrangeas and peonies from Portobello Market.

The most challenging part of the day was to find a place to sit while Richard was taking the photos…
Trying out some options for the AW13 lookbook. This one didn’t work out in the end, so I built a different set. Say “Hello” to Ellen!

What was I saying about Brak again?

Finished image from the SS13 lookbook featuring the Suede Coral Orange Pumps

Finished images from the Bridal lookbook featuring the Satin Off-White Peep Toes with Detachable Bows and the brand new (not on the site yet) Gold pointy pumps.

Finally, some finished images from the AW13 lookbook featuring the Roasted Coffee Brown Boots and the Panther Black Knee High boots (not on the site yet)
Photography by Richard Davenport
Art Direction & Styling by Laëtitia Wajnapel
Shoes by Noiselle