Anchor Print Shirt

My collection of shirts grows about as fast as my collection of shoes. I think it is about time I start acquiring trousers, otherwise it is not long before I join Monsieur Robot in his cell. Clearly, there is a bit of an issue at the Robot HQ. What can I say, we are a rebellious bunch of fashion misfits. At least that’s what it says on our business cards (the ones we don’t give to anyone). Anyway, my point today isn’t to tell you how ridiculous we all are, but to tell you about a new shirt that was kindly sent to me by a new online store – Nice Things. I bet you can’t guess what they sell! 
I am always a little weary of stores calling themselves “Nice (something)” as often, the link calls to me and I click only to be disappointed by the content. I can think of a few brands like that and I am sure you can too but we are a polite bunch and so we don’t name names. As it happens, Nice Things actually keeps its promises and does sell nice things. Simple, nice, well made things. Hurray! I received this Anchor Print Shirt and a swimsuit from them (but I won’t show you photos of me in a swimsuit, you would need to be much, much better behaved for that). Both are lovely and I must admit I have been wearing the shirt non-stop. The cotton is super soft, the print très pretty and the fit perfect. It is currently sitting in my case, waiting to come with me to Paris. Come to think of it, I better finish packing as the mothership awaits… Until next time x
Details – Navy blue cotton shirt with white anchor print (available here).

Retail Price – £47

Traduction – Une jolie chemise à imprimé marin de chez Nice Things.