Shop My Closet!

At the weekend, I finally tackled my ever expanding wardrobe and did some serious decluttering (I followed my own advice basically). While I fancy myself as a simple dresser these days, a quick look at my closet revealed a confused mind. To sum things up, it was high time for me to dive head first in my cupboard and sort my s**t out. I still don’t have the streamlined wardrobe I dream of, but I am slowly getting there. Anyway, my loss is your gain as I am now selling some really nice stuff, a lot of it for a mere £5. I created a shop on TicTail which I will be updating fairly regularly over the next few weeks. 
If you are a size UK12-14 for clothes and UK7-8 for shoes, go have a look as you may bag yourself something cute. There are also bags and other bits on there, so have a look anyway!

Traduction – Je vide mon placard et je vends mes vêtements.