Letters From The Louniverse – May

Six of Wands – May

Following on from some choices and changes you may have experienced at the end of April, the Wands have inspiring and opportunistic fire energy that you now need to be forward flowing in May.

If you follow astrology you will know we have a couple more eclipses this month and to be ready for more possible surprises. As long as you are willing to be fluid I feel that this month will be productive and action based.

The Six of Wands is about success and feeling victorious over challenges. The sixes always bring in a harmonious mood and it is important this month to really celebrate your achievements, especially if you have been feeling down in the dumps. Sometimes we put far too much energy on the negative in our lives that we don’t remember to stop and pat ourselves on the back.

Beyond the celebration of self you can take this advice to your work life for May, it’s the right time to show off your talents to the world. This doesn’t mean lowering yourself to being arrogant but to get involved in new jobs and endeavours by selling your skills proudly. If you are feeling under appreciated in any area of your life then sit and re-evaluate what some of your personal and professional goals are to remind yourself that you deserve to have success. Don’t settle for things that are making you unhappy just because you tell yourself that you can’t do better.

One of my favourite self confidence boosting mantras has always been – YOU CAN DO IT!

As a final note, before I turned over this card , The Lovers leaped out the pack and since it was so insistent I’d like you to revisit April’s post and consider it as a continuing theme.

Tell me your plans and goals for May in the comments!
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