The Week On Instagram – Florence Special

A friend recently told me I should “get a life” as I don’t seem to be able to stay in one place for very long. Maybe he is right… In the meantime, if I were to stay in London all the time, I would miss stories that begin like this…

Welcome to Il Salviatino a 15th century villa in the Fiesole hills overlooking the whole of Florence. This is where I slept. It doesn’t really get any better than this (review coming soon)

Breakfast on a silver tray? Every morning, thank you.

Then it is time to embark on a journey through the Tuscan countryside to Colle Bereto for a wine tasting lunch. Again, everyday, please.

This is where we had lunch. When my dining room in London looks like this, I will stop travelling. Maybe.

Strawberries and cream and monogrammed napkins. Chic.

Perhaps I can interest you in a little stroll through the Italian gardens?

Or a dip in the pool?


Or you know, you can always just stare at my face, that’s cool too.

Until next time, pals!