The Sleep Shirt

There aren’t many garments that excite me as much as sleepwear does. And by sleepwear really I mean jammies. I don’t really do fancy silk nighties, I like men’s pyjamas or vintage white cotton night dresses in the Summer months. 
My friend Alex – besides being a wealth of fashion knowledge –  is also pretty  into sleepwear. When she was still living in London, she found a 19th century men’s sleep shirt in Spitalfield’s Market. She took it home, washed it, slept in it and realised it was the most comfortable thing ever. The difference between Alex and me is that she is a designer, so when I buy a vintage night shirt and find it comfortable I also spend my life trawling more vintage markets in the hope of sourcing another one, Alex deconstructs it and turns it into an essential piece of luxury sleepwear: The Sleep Shirt. Seriously, she is my hero.
I have a short blue sleep shirt and I wear it to bed every night. I am distraught when it is in the wash. She kindly sent me a short pink one recently and now they are both on rotation in my bed. The design is perfect: simple and efficient. The Sleep Shirt is also unisex (although I recommend the short one for women and the long one for men) and made out of the softest cotton.
Details – The Sleep Shirt is a nightshirt. It is for men and women. It comes in two lengths. It is made from cotton, in Canada. It is the best way to sleep.

Retail Price – Long $210, Short $195 (Canadian Dollars)