Letters From The Louniverse – April

Tarot Card of the Month “The Lovers”

I feel like this is the card that everyone always longs to see: that finally the One True Somebody is going to arrive, glowing and faultless with the answers to everything and nothing. Even if, like me you choose to never “predict the future” – because really we create our own – there is something about this card that makes your eyebrows raise and heart hope.

The truth is that yes, this card can signify a romantic soulmate connection arriving with a bang but it’s beyond that, it’s actually diving into what that feeling means and whether we can channel it instead of constantly searching for it.

The major theme isn’t about romantic love, it’s about choices and impulses, in all areas of your life. The Lovers card is about noticing when the rhythm of your gut flows into that unquestionable magnetic energy that drives you to be something, anything, anyone, someone.

April is going to arrive with questions about work, health and love that need answering through this multi-level process. These choices may come up in an obvious sense, a job offer or a new lover, but be sure to look below the surface and don’t take anything or anyone at face value. Re-evaluate and evolve your morals, values and judgements. Everything is about perception, we project our ideas about people and situations ahead of us because it makes us feel safe, content that we “already know” but this is the time to be less analytical about everything, step outside your comfort zone, be intuitive and feel the present moment.

I learned to look at life as a classroom, and people and situations as our lessons. If everything is going to be understood in retrospect then right now is the ultimate chance to greet our positive gut impulses, to not look for the easy way out, to challenge our negative temptations and above all always strive to move forwards.