Thing Of The Week – Dagmar Camel Coat

A few pieces kept me right on the edge of my seat during Stockholm Fashion Week. One of them was this absolutely perfect Dagmar camel coat. Surely, I must be getting old, fantasising over a camel coat. Obviously I am, but mainly I recently admitted to myself I am growing more “practical” when it comes to fashion. Not Teva sandals practical, you will have guessed as much, but while I still enjoy watching conceptual pieces go down the runway, I also relish in the knowledge that the dress/jacket/coat I longingly observed from my front row seat could very well find its place in my wardrobe. It is the case with this coat and it is generally the case with a lot of Scandinavian designers creations. 
The good news is, for those of you who didn’t make it to Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen during Fashion Week, you can still catch the best of Scandinavian cool during London Fashion Week. Fashion Scandinavia at Somerset House is the largest Scandi Fashion showcase in London and will feature over 40 labels. There you will be able to see this wonderful Dagmar coat in the flesh alongside many of my favourites including: ALTEWAISAOME, Rodebjer, Peter Jensen, By Malene Birger and many more. 
At the end of this post, you will find my little Scandi shopping edit.
Details – Dagmar coat for AW13, photo taken by me during the Dagmar show in Stockholm in January 2013. Fashion Scandinavia exhibition between Feb 15th and Feb 19th at Somerset House (West Wing) in London.

Retail Price – N/A 

Traduction – Un manteau parfait signé Dagmar vu à Stockholm. Vous pouvez aller l’admirer à l’exposition Fashion Scandinavia pendant London Fashion Week, à Somerset House.