Monsieur Robot x Lazy Oaf

Monsieur Robot shows off his mad modelling skillz and the Lazy Oaf collection.

It’s no secret how much I love Lazy Oaf. When given the chance to dress like a burger, I seize the opportunity with both hands – who wouldn’t? Throw on a hotdog scarf and you look good enough to eat. Literally. Lazy Oaf is everything I love about fashion – it’s witty, innovative and most importantly fun. When the lookbook lands in my inbox I drop everything to see what’s in store for the new season. Lucky for you I decided to bring the collection to life via the medium of modelling. LOL. Seriously though don’t get used to this – it’s hard work, Tyra was right all along. Anyway get a load of Lazy Oaf…
I think it was at this point that, while changing in the bushes, a whole school class walked past. While I was standing. Naked. In the bushes. I bet this shit doesn’t happen to David Gandy.
Due to my limited modelling skills I was unable to show you all the rest of the Lazy Oaf stuff that I love. T-shirts, shoes, sunglasses, socks, cards  and more jewellery that even I could rock. Check it out, you won’t regret it. 
Traduction – J’adore Lazy Oaf… Je ne refuse jamais une occasion de m’habiller comme un hamburger, de porter une écharpe hot dog ou autre création délirante de cette marque. Voici quelques pièces de leur nouvelle collection – si vous arrivez à faire abstraction de mes talents de top model assez longtemps pour regarder les vêtements.

Rain Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt and Pyramid Necklace worn with Obey Snapback from Street Casuals
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