Hermès Pop-Up Scarf Boutique In Harrods

If you’ve ever had a look at my YouTube channel, you will know I like to make accessories out of scarves. Turbans or necklaces made out of vintage silk scarves are my weapons of choice, especially when the Summer comes and accessorising can become a bit of an issue.
When I received the invitation to visit the Hermès pop-up boutique in Harrods, I just couldn’t say no – a taste of home and possible new ways to tie scarves. So along I went on a Wednesday to be shown the scarf tying ropes by in-house Hermès stylists (if you would like to do the same, they are in residence every Wednesday and Friday until January 2nd in the Room of Luxury II on the Ground Floor). 
The first thing they made for me was a camera strap that I promptly replicated when I got home. I will make a little video tutorial to show you how to do it very soon. I was also shown how to make an oversized bow-tie and a bag. Mainly, I was handed the secrets of scarf knotting in the form of some “Cartes à Nouer” otherwise known as the knotting bible.
Oh yes! If you fancy, there is also a photographer on hand who can immortalise your scarf masterpiece and send you home with a cute little print out of your Hermès makeover.
And since we are on the subject of scarves styling, I thought I’d share again a couple of videos from my own personal archive (WARNING: contains a much younger me).