Monsieur Robot – Spring Wish List

While some of us are on holiday most of us are not – but this week, certainly in London, the sun has come out! It’s not exactly Summer yet but the weather is definitely heading towards Spring and that can only be a good thing. Mostly because my winter coat has had it, but also because we all need some better weather. And with better weather comes a whole new wardrobe. I know it’s still February but I have a golden rule, you should buy you summer clothes early. I always try and get my summer clothes as soon as they hit the shops… and most already have. 

Early holidayers snap up all the good shorts before it’s even vaguely warm in London, so I’ll be getting mine as soon as I work out what my Spring/Summer look is going to be. Feeling a little less than inspired by current street style I turned elsewhere for inspiration. A recent cinema trip to see ‘Howl’ reminded me of an embarrassingly pretentious and predictable teenage obsession of mine. Beat poetry. While a copy of ‘On The Road’ is still a valid fashion accessory as far as I’m concerned, the look that Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg sported has never looked as good as it does now. Chinos, sweatshirts, brogues…looking back it almost seems like menswear hasn’t changed at all in the past 60 years…

Of course ‘Beat Poet’ isn’t a style as much as a job, but to expand on the idea as a look there’s a wonderful photography book by Teruyoshi Hayashida which chronicles classic Ivy League styles, and is a constant source of inspiration for me. The clean, easy comfort of the looks and the simplicty of the ensembles is something I strive for every day.

You probably have most of these clothes in your wardrobe already and if you don’t they’re pretty easy to find. It’s about how you put them together though. Here’s my wish list for spring…



Blazer – Child of the Jago
Polo Shirt – Topman
Sunglasses – Margiela 
Pocket Square – McQueen
Shorts – Topman
Shoes – Rolando Sturlini
Book – Jack Kerouac
Inspiration can come from the weirdest places, another recent cinema trip, this time to see Annie Hall, the classic Woody Allen film, left me thinking about his wardrobe. Geography teacher chic? Throw in a pinch of Marlon Brando (for the macho factor) and you’ve got another great look…

                                              Shoes – J. Crew
Bag – Margiela
Polo – Topman
Shorts – Topman
Belt – Folk
I guess all I need now is the weather, and a brush up on my rudimentary GCSE geography knowledge… Spring is a comin’!
Words by Warren Beckett