Topshop SS11

When I went to the Arcadia press day in November, I was particularly taken with the extremely seventies Topshop offering. One part of it in particular had caught my eye because it looked like something you’d wear for a Summer in Sweden. Well as it turns out, this part of the collection is called “Swedish Summer”. OMG, get me a crystal ball right away, I am psychic. 
I am normally partial to a 60s aesthetic, but the 70s style has been growing on me, first because of the colours and now I am getting into the flowy shapes and general easy-going vibes. Free love, dudettes. *nods* It is definitely all about the free love in Sweden. I especially love the little white lace dress with the cutouts and the denim pinafore. Totally dreamy scenarios just come to mind. I am not sure a lot of those would suit my figure (woe is me), but I will certainly get to my nearest Topshop as soon as they are available and try the whole collection! 
The collection named “Snake Valley” is another ode to the 70s, but this time we are talking middle America, hick towns and shotguns under your pillow. I quite like this as well. You may not know this about me, but I am a great shot. I always get 5 in a row with a shotgun at the fairground. I guess that would be my lame to fame. 
The “Graduation” collection is more obviously up my alley. I never say no to a preppy outfit and this is the perfect mix of preppy and fun. You know “preppy with a hint of stupid” as I like to describe my own style. I could happily pillage the racks of Topshop to complement my existing collection of preppy-with-a-twist pieces.  I like that it also encapsulates two major trends: ladylike chic and bright colours. 
The last collection is my least favourite because it looks a little too much like the models just rolled through tumblr and collected spiritual and new age imagery on their way. I am guilty of posting infinite photos of space on my own tumblr, but I am not sure I am into New Age as a fashion statement. It just reeks of patchouli and teenage bedrooms. HOWEVER, there are a few pieces I like (including the two below) and I think a few more would probably call out my name while in the shop.
On the whole, I am not ashamed to say that this is possibly one of the most exciting lookbooks I have seen so far!