Mini Robot presents – Clones by Kind

Most of you know by now I am the mother of a little girl, so I have a vested interest in kids’ clothes. So far, I haven’t really shared that here but I think now is the time… “Mini Robot” will be a regular feature focusing on children’s style/clothes and written by me (age 5). Maybe sometimes my little girl will give me her opinion on clothes too – she is the real Mini Robot after all.

Hi! Today I want to dress up like a sailor! No, today I want to have the elephant arm. I want to dress like my mummy. I love soft jumpers and I love pink. I really want a puppy but mummy won’t let me have one so I got one on my tummy instead. Do you like dogs? My favourite dog is the Maltese and my favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry.
I have been a really good girl and for Christmas I would like all the clothes this little girl has. I think she is Mini Miss Kind. She is so cute. I like her shoes too. I have some like this but they are navy.
Photos courtesy of KIND
The Clones collection by KIND is a children’s sized version of KIND classics. It is available to buy online through their shop or from Labour of Love in London (193 Upper Street, London N1 1RQ).