Gogo Philip SS11

I was going to name this post “Gaga for Gogo” and then I realised it was possibly a little on the cheesy side so I went for the simple “Gogo Philip SS11”. It does the job. Sure, in my head this post is still called “Gaga for Gogo”, but at least I am holding on to my dignity – or what’s left of it.
The story of Gogo Philip harks back to the fourties when his grandfather started making pocket chain watches… This little family business grew quickly and in the seventies, it became a real empire, with thousand of high fashion styles created by Gogo’s father. 
Carrying on the family torch, Gogo took over the empire and in 2000 he launched his own fine jewellery line. He delves in the family archive for inspiration and brings out the best designs… with a modern touch. All the designs are handmade in Italy. 
A lot of the pieces remind me of what my mother used to wear in the eighties, all those costume jewellery pieces I used to covet as a little girl. Less is definitely not more and with Gogo’s pieces, it is all about excess, stacking, big and bold – it lets you channel your inner eighties Italian diva…
But it is not just about over the top designs and in your face jewellery. Each piece makes a statement and I wear mine on their own, to add a bit of energy to preppy outfits. Versatile and fun, we are definitely onto a winner here! 


Photos by Mari Sarai courtesy of Material PR – Clumsy doodles added by me.

You can find Gogo Philip jewellery in Topshop (London – Manchester – Preston – Leicester – Bromley – Middlesborough) and on Yoox.com.

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