Modepass & Mademoiselle Robot present: a very fashionable contest!


Hello everyone,

I am pretty excited to tell you about this Modepass contest… From today till Friday, May 15th if you join Modepass on my behalf, you have a chance to win a voucher of €100 you can spend as you want at Eple and Melk, Valentine Gauthier or Denim Gallery Biarritz.
To enter, all you have to do is join Modepass, go to “My account”, then “Edit my profile” and in the “Who I am” section go to the field “Addicted to” and write “Mademoiselle Robot”.

I have been on Modepass for a while now and changed my page a few times to match my blog. You can customize your own page completely and if you get stuck, you will find all the help you need in the Backstage section of the site.

If you are a fashion lover, you will find a great community on Modepass, and you get to connect with all the bloggers and designers you like as well! I am really hooked to Modepass, as I get to everything in the same place, but also thankful to their team as they have given me great opportunities, been very supportive of my content etc – so it is time to give back!

For a chance to win, all we need is for 20 people to register on my behalf, and one of you will get a voucher, so register now!!! I will announce the winner after May 15th.


Just to clear things out, I am not getting paid to get people on Modepass, this is actually is a contest for YOU to win stuff.