Style Tips / Vintage wardrobe basics (Spring / Summer edition)

I am getting to a stage now where I try to refrain from impulse shopping. It is always very tempting when I go into a vintage store to leave with 10 dresses, 7 jumpsuits and 45 cardigans. The problem is, I can’t afford it and even if I could, I don’t exactly have space to keep them at home. I also find that the more clothes I own, the more difficult it is to put outfits together and get dressed in the morning. I end up wearing the same over and over so I don’t have to look too deep into my closet. Which is why over the past few weeks (or months) I have been thinking a lot about which vintage basics I needed to complement my wardrobe key pieces.

Cardigan from Bows & Bandits

Living in London, there is no way I could go out in the Spring (and sometimes even in the Summer) without taking with me a cardigan. I like mine to be fairly neutral & plain, in cream, navy or powder pink. A good vintage cardigan has to be 100% wool (no acrylic blend please) or cashmere. If the buttons aren’t very nice, you can find mismatched ones in some vintage shops and replace them.

Photo Liebe Marlene

A full skirt in the Spring is literally the no-brainer outfit building option for me. Grab a tee-shirt, grab a full skirt, slip on some shoes and you have a perfectly cute attire to go to the park, the museum, the office, a date and more! I like to shorten mine so they come slightly above the knee.


The pencil skirt is also a fail safe option but this time for more “formal” occasions, like meetings, family dinners etc. When I want to show that I mean business, while showing that I have a nice bum, I slip on a pencil skirt. I dress it down in the day with a simple tee, and up for the evening with a nice blouse.

For all those garden parties, you must own a pretty dress. And why not wear it for a picnic as well with a cardigan or a biker jacket?

Photo The Cherry Blossom Girl

Ditch those jeans for Spring time and replace them with sailor trousers. The wide leg and high waist look flattering on most body shapes (as long as you wear them with some heels) and are way more comfortable when it is hot than skinny jeans!


A pretty silk or chiffon blouse goes a long way as you can wear it with literally everything. I used to be really into pussy bow blouses, but I now prefer collarless or Peter Pan collar ones.

To brave April showers and Summer thunderstorms, you will need a classic belted trench coat. If you are minted, you have to get a vintage Burberry’s one (around £150), if like me you are skinted you will find some more affordable options in thrift shops or online (like the one in the photo) for around £30 or less.


Dancing shoes are cute. Dancing shoes have heels. Dancing shoes are comfortable and easy to find in very good condition, or dead stock. I find them to be the best way to finish a vintage outfit. I like mary janes in beige or bright colours.

What are your Spring vintage basics?