Ten Films to watch this Halloween

Even though I love Halloween & generally enjoy going out with my friends to celebrate, sometimes, it is nice to stay at home. Cook yourself a special Halloween dinner, invite some friends around, decorate your house & watch some films. Here are ten perfect Halloween movies as recommended by me!

❤ House of 1000 Corpses ❤
Rob Zombie – 2003

While travelling through Texas, some teenagers comes across the sickest white trash family known to man. Carnage ensues.

❤ Dawn of the Dead ❤
George A. Romero – 1978

After a zombie epidemic, a group of people seek refuge in a shopping mall. Best. Siege. Ever. Possibly one of the most amazing films ever made if you ask me.

❤ Halloween ❤
John Carpenter – 1977

Well of course Halloween is part of the list! Hearing the music is sometimes enough to give me goosebumps.

❤ Sisters ❤
Brian de Palma – 1973

Siamese twins who have lost their parents get separated. Bloody murders & strange investigation. I watched this film for the first time with my dad when I was quite young & it made a big impression on me.

❤ The Blob (remake) ❤
Chuck Russell – 1988

A growing life form takes over a city eating everything on its way. The 1988 version of The Blob is cheesy & creepy at the same time. Another film I discovered with my dad when I was 10. Shaped my taste for horror movies along with a few others that are not in this list.

❤ The Last House on the Left ❤
Wes Craven – 1972

Two teenage girls are captured by psychopaths. First film by Wes Craven & a wonder of claustrophobic atmosphere.

❤ Nightmare on Elm Street ❤
Wes Craven – 1984

My biggest fears: spiders & monsters under the bed… Especially if it is Freddy Krueger. I have seen all the Nightmare on Elm Street films a few times & still, I shiver when Freddy appears.

❤ Candyman ❤
Bernard Rose – 1992

Sixteen years later I still can’t say his name five times or see bees without thinking that Candyman is around somewhere. Sad, I know.

❤ The Evil Dead ❤
Sam Raimi – 1981

Some friends retreat to a cabin in the woods for a holiday & end up unleashing demons. As we do. Bruce Campbell is one of my all time heroes.

❤ Basket Case ❤
Frank Henenlotter – 1982

This is just plain weird & totally absurd, but I love it. The story of a young man & his horribly deformed twin brother who lives in a basket… Hence Basket Case, geddit?